XBMC for Android – Accelerated HD playback on Frodo [Solved]

Xbox Media Center, or XBMC is a wonderful add-on for any type of Android TV-stick, TV-box or Android Pad.

The problem is that with the standard version of XBMC Frodo for android, some units get no acceleration for video which means that HD-playback is choppy. Gotham, the next version of XBMC solves this with acceleration which works well, unfortunately Gotham is not compatible with some XBMC plugins using a commoncache script that is yet not updated to play nice with the Python version used in Gotham. So if you get a commoncache error in Gotham with popular plugins like Icefilms, this is why. And we have the solution.

There have been some solutions with modded versions of XBMC Frodo that use an external media player for playing back the videos from within XBMC. That’s a complicated and not so user friendly solution.

Well the solution is here, it’s called SPMC or Semper Media Center, by Staftstrom from the MINX forums.

It features:

  • h/w decoding support
  • libmedia support for multichannel DD/DTS passthrough. [This is tricky and depends on what unit you have](read more here)
  • mouse scroll support (also supports scrolling with e.g. the touchpad on Logitech K400r)

Download SPMC media center here! (v.1.5.1)

It works great with any “china”-boxes like the the mk809 or mk819. I have an mk819 and with the normal Frodo version of XBMC it was impossible to playback HD content. It still struggles somewhat on some 1080p content (seems to be dependent on what codec is used), but 720p is fluid.

Thanx Molle at Freaktab for this solution! Credit where credit is due! 🙂


Delete stubborn impossible registry key! Solution / Fix

Trying to delete a stubborn registry entry, i finally found this solution:

It´s really powerful so must be used with a great amount of caution. It deleted the stubborn key instantly.

Under Administrator execution of the Command prompt, enter: psexec -s -i regedit

This will run regedit from the System account.

psexec can be found at: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897553.aspx

psexec’s normal use is to remotely interface other systems but it just happens to be able to run things like regedit from the System account.

Disclaimer: If you don’t know how to do this, should you really be poking around in the registry with full access rights? If you think so, look at this post for step by step instructions:

Win7 – Philips Toucam Windows 7 Driver fix – Problem solved! – Post updated for 64 bit Windows7

I had problems using my old Philips TouCam Pro with Win7 since Philips does not offer any drivers for it. I read somewhere that you could hack some drivers but that sounded so complicated.

Here is a driver that works with the TouCam in Win7 (at least 32-bit) right out of the box. Just do like this:

Win7 32-bit procedure, see further down for the Win7 64-bit instructions

1. Download the driver package (click the drive icon under Téléchargement, which is french for download)

2. Unzip the files to a folder of your choice

3. Plug in your toucam, cancel the automatic driver installation window that pops up.

4. Open the Windows 7 Control panel, in the search field there, type ” device ” to find the device manager, open it.

5. Find your unrecognized device in the list, right-click on it and choose “update driver software”, “browse my computer for software” and browse to your folder where you unzipped the files. Click next, ignore the warning and the driver installs.


Win7 x64 procedure: (Credits go to kapyxx! thanx man/woman! 😉 )

1 – Download the Windows 7 drivers for your Philips Webcam SPC900NC VGA CCD with Pixel Plus and install them.


2 – In C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Philips \ Philips SPC900NC PC Camera edit files with Notepad:

To view the line number, select the notepad menu – View – Status Bar, Word Wrap to be disabled if necessary.

In Camvid40.inf:
Line 66 should be replaced with:
% USBVid.DeviceDesc% = USBVidx86, USB \ VID_0471 & PID_0311 & MI_00 [/ code]

Line 69 should be replaced with:
% USBVid.DeviceDesc% = USBVidXp64, USB \ VID_0471 & PID_0311 & MI_00 [/ code]

Line 72 should be replaced with:
% USBVid.DeviceDesc% = USBVidVista64, USB \ VID_0471 & PID _0311 & MI_00 [/ code]

Edit the file with Notepad SPC900.txt

replace line # 2 with:
USB \ VID_0471 & PID_0311 & MI_00 [/ code]

Save and close. (If You Can not save copy the files to another location, edit them and then copy Them back and select “Copy and Replace”

In device manager there should be an unknown device with exclamation mark.
Update driver and select the path: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Philips \ Philips SPC900NC PC Camera driver will be installed ..

Best Antivirus – Detection rates

A simple list of detection rates, from research by av-comparatives.org February 2009

Out of a total of 1.274.928 viruses, trojans, worms and malware the following list tells us the detection rates of the different AntiVirus programs:

1. G Data 99.8%

2. Avira 99.7%

3. McAfee2 99.1

4. Symantec 98.7%

5. Avast 98.2

6.  Bitdefender, eScan 98.0%

7. ESET Nod32 97.6%

8. Kaspersky, TrustPort 97.1%

9. F-Secure 93.4%

10. AVG 93&

11. Sophos 89.6%

12. Command 88.9%

13. Norman 87.8%

14. Microsoft 87.1%

15. Kingsoft 84.9%

I just found this interesting. More on av-comparatives.org

Help! The New Skype Window is Huge!

After installing Skype 4 I almost fell out of my chair. The new skype was huge! It was taking up half my laptop screen.

I fiddled around for quite some time to get it back to the way the old skype was.

Here’s the easy way to do it:

  • In the top right cornerof the new Skype window there is a row of 4 icons.
  • The leftmost icon in this row looks like two windows slightly overlapping.


  • Click this icon to separate the chat window from the contact list. These can now be individually resized.


Why skype made that sort of stick-it-all-together-in-one-cumbersome-lump approach default choice I will never understand.

Stage 6 Video renamer. Help!

I have a bunch of downloaded Stage6 Videos that I would like to keep. I normally use the auto download feature of Stage6. However these are named with just numbers.

I was thinking it should be possible for someone with basic coding skills to write a program that goes to the webpage for the video, using the video number code, extract the name information for that particular video from the html-code and rename the file. This would then be done as a batch for the entire folder.

I looked into parsing the html-file and that should not be a problem, but I have not got enough skill to program the whole thing. Should be rather easy I think. If anyone reads this, and has the necessary skills I think many people would enjoy such a program.

Strange to make a Blog-post about a request, but lots of people read these pages, so I’m hoping to get lucky 🙂 …ehm…

Solution: DivX Web player error 403 after update to 1.4.

Edit: STAGE6 IS SHUT DOWN. This means that all videos supposed to be streaming from stage6.com are not working. This is not a player error, and unfortunately cannot be fixed in this manner. However the divx-player is used on other sites as well, and is not affected by the stage6 shutdown. More here

If you use DivX Web player you might have noticed that some embedded files from other pages don’t work anymore after the 1.4 upgrade.

I don’t know why this is, but the solution is to download version 1.3 of the Divx Web Player and not update it.

Download Divx Web Player 1.3 HERE (oldversion.com)

oh and it would be cool if you left me a comment if this works for you so I know,

Thanx, and happy holidays 🙂

Edit: [Not really currently appropriate greeting but I’m sure there is a holiday somewhere right now…]

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