T-shirt design, Illustrator and Cafepress Spreadshirt Zazzle and the likes

I always liked designing things, and i need to get better at Illustrator. A great practice for me is to design stuff and put on t-shirts. I just wanted to tell my readers about this and let them know. Since designing a T-shirt is a process, I decided to blog about some of my designs. I think it makes them more valuable for the wearer. To know what I was thinking and a bit how i did the design. You can check out my designs in my t-shirt design blog spreadmaster.wordpress.com, or you can go directly to www.zazzle.com/spreadmaster and visit my shop. I decided to use Zazzle because, well, there is not really any reasons that’s just how it turned out. 🙂

I hope you like my designs, and I’d really appreciate if you took the time to rate some of them! (And who knows maybe even buy one and make me money for a coffee 😉

Here are a couple of my designs:

If you like these you might like the rest of my designs too. If you need logos or other designed elements for t-shirts, business, the web or anything else, feel free to contact my graphics repartment (that means me) at: info(AT)spreadmaster.tk.

Carry on!


Phantom Alert, Speed camera warning system

Police Hate Them. Drivers Love Them. New Invention Uses GPS to Locate Police Speed Traps. 100% legal.

Phantom alert is a database of locations in North America where “enforcement cameras” are placed. Similar systems are available for Europe, and probably the rest of the world. Loading the database onto your GPS in your car gives you alerts whenever you are approaching a speed-camera or red-light camera that is placed along the roads.

This alert has several benefits. One, You will probably slow down. Two, you will not get a ticket, Three, You will probably feel great because you feel you are “cheating the system” and sticking it to the man.

“The system gives you enough time to correct any dopey thing you’re about to do,” said Brooklyn subway conductor John Carlson, 49, who bought the software from Pennsylvania-based PhantomAlert last year, and said it “absolutely” has helped him avoid tickets.

Any complaints from law enforcement towards this technique can only come from one source.


If that is the case, then the government is not trying to save lives with the speed cameras, they are trying to make money on tickets. So be observant on the debate to follow.

Here is how it works:

Download it here. Click here for more videos and explanations

Homeopathy vs Allopathy

I’m a bit upset with the western medicine today. Lots of what is going on is just to cure symptoms, not really the cause of why we get sick. Traditional “eastern” and Homeopathic medicine looks at the whole person, life situation, spiritual/psychological balance and it uses remedies from nature. Allopathy, the “western” way claims to be scientific, and the law says “only drugs can cure illness”. Drugs are derived from nature but can be patented. What the law really is saying is: “only drugs can give us revenue trough monopoly on patents”. The problem is that statistics are twisted and turned to look much better scientifically than they actually are. “We are on the verge of beating cancer” is what we have heard for decades and decades. “We just need more funding”. Imagine the amount of people who would loose their jobs if cancer research was no longer needed. And what if there is a natural cure for it!

Follow the money trace.

Watch this video on Homepathy and Allopathy. The history of the two ways to look at sickness and health. Think about it.

Watch on Google Video

Click here for more info on natural medicine