What the bleep do we know!?

mv5bmja0nzqzotywm15bml5banbnxkftztcwodu1otizmq_v1_sx306_sy400_This is a movie about reality, the brain, the mind, science, psychology, religion, the universe. What the bleep do we know.

Reality is filtered through our senses, our understanding of reality his highly subjective and limited to what we can perceive. The brain creates our reality for us. We tend to think that what we can see and feel is everything there is. A very self-centered, limited and uninformed opinion.

Having studied the brain, neurology,cognitive psychology and intelligence for the past 7 years I have achieved an understanding of what the mind is. Simplified the mind is a machine that interprets sense-information and tries to create a coherent informational structure for us to act according to. It gives us no garantee that this way of interpreting reality is the only way, or that the information the senses can receive is the only information out there.

People tend not to think about this, or choose not to see it.

This is a 16 part video, I was unable to find it on YouTube in one whole part. The parts are added in a playlist, but it seems that you have to manually click the next part for it to start. Go to this megavideo link to see it in one piece



Full screen flash lag final fix!

For a while now i have had problems playing full screen flash movies. They have lagged, that is had very low fps (framerate). This has happened in Both IE and Firefox

I finally found a fix that works!

Do like this.

1.Go to the control panel and uninstall Flash Player and Flash ActiveX Control

2.Start INTERNET EXPLORER (It has to be IE), and install flash player from Internet explorer.

3. Close IE and start firefox. Install Flash player from Firefox.

Done! This helped me, and I’m playing flash movies in full screen on my 1680×1050 res monitor at high fps.

This solution really works, I have tried others but to no avail. I finally found this to work. 😉

surfthechannel here I come 🙂

Riktig SunTrip t-shirt frĂ„n SĂ€llskapsresan och Uniship frĂ„n Göta Kanal

The Following post in Swedish

Jag antar att mÄnga Àlskar SÀllskapsresan och Göta Kanal. TvÄ hÀrliga filmer med tvÄ hÀrliga fantasibolag. Suntrip i sÀllskapsresan och Uniship i Göta kanal.

Jag har hittat en site som har bra versioner av t-shirts, BBQ-förklÀde, muggar, klistermÀrken m.m. med SunTrips och Uniships loggor pÄ. Testade bestÀlla sjÀv, jag fick varan och betalningen var via paypal.