Win7 – Philips Toucam Windows 7 Driver fix – Problem solved! – Post updated for 64 bit Windows7

I had problems using my old Philips TouCam Pro with Win7 since Philips does not offer any drivers for it. I read somewhere that you could hack some drivers but that sounded so complicated.

Here is a driver that works with the TouCam in Win7 (at least 32-bit) right out of the box. Just do like this:

Win7 32-bit procedure, see further down for the Win7 64-bit instructions

1. Download the driver package (click the drive icon under Téléchargement, which is french for download)

2. Unzip the files to a folder of your choice

3. Plug in your toucam, cancel the automatic driver installation window that pops up.

4. Open the Windows 7 Control panel, in the search field there, type ” device ” to find the device manager, open it.

5. Find your unrecognized device in the list, right-click on it and choose “update driver software”, “browse my computer for software” and browse to your folder where you unzipped the files. Click next, ignore the warning and the driver installs.


Win7 x64 procedure: (Credits go to kapyxx! thanx man/woman! 😉 )

1 – Download the Windows 7 drivers for your Philips Webcam SPC900NC VGA CCD with Pixel Plus and install them.

2 – In C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Philips \ Philips SPC900NC PC Camera edit files with Notepad:

To view the line number, select the notepad menu – View – Status Bar, Word Wrap to be disabled if necessary.

In Camvid40.inf:
Line 66 should be replaced with:
% USBVid.DeviceDesc% = USBVidx86, USB \ VID_0471 & PID_0311 & MI_00 [/ code]

Line 69 should be replaced with:
% USBVid.DeviceDesc% = USBVidXp64, USB \ VID_0471 & PID_0311 & MI_00 [/ code]

Line 72 should be replaced with:
% USBVid.DeviceDesc% = USBVidVista64, USB \ VID_0471 & PID _0311 & MI_00 [/ code]

Edit the file with Notepad SPC900.txt

replace line # 2 with:
USB \ VID_0471 & PID_0311 & MI_00 [/ code]

Save and close. (If You Can not save copy the files to another location, edit them and then copy Them back and select “Copy and Replace”

In device manager there should be an unknown device with exclamation mark.
Update driver and select the path: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Philips \ Philips SPC900NC PC Camera driver will be installed ..


Next-gen flight simulator graphics possible, Microsoft look at this!

The Flight Simulator genre has some exciting technology-developments that it needs to consider for the next release. Microsoft, look here This is NOT filmed, it is just autogenerated 3D!

We have the whole world covered with satellite images, and this technology takes all this and autogenerates a 3d-model! Houses, streets, forests, everything gets mapped.

Imagine getting yourself into a helicopter and fly around in vegas like this!!! With every building and every tree perfectly modeled.

Check out the video above and demos here: <- Hoover Dam! I want to fly here!!!

Please please Microsoft, make this happen!!!

OneSwarm: Privacy preserving peer-to-peer

This is an interesting new technology for privacy preserved p2p sharing. It is being created at the University of Washington

OneSwarm is a new peer-to-peer tool that provides users with explicit control over their privacy by letting them determine how data is shared. Instead of sharing data indiscriminately, data shared with OneSwarm can be made public, it can be shared with friends, shared with some friends but not others, and so forth. We call this friend-to-friend (F2F) data sharing. OneSwarm is:

  • Privacy preserving: OneSwarm uses source address rewriting to protect user privacy. Instead of always transmitting data directly from sender to receiver (immediately identifying both), OneSwarm may forward data through multiple intermedaries, obscuring the identity of both sender and receiver. For more details, check out the OneSwarm overview screencast or our papers.
  • User friendly: OneSwarm’s interface is web-based and supports real-time transcoding of many audio and video formats for in-browser playback, eliminating the need for casual users to master a new application’s interface or search for custom media codecs.
  • Open: OneSwarm is freely available and built on existing standards. OneSwarm can operate as a fully backwards compatible BitTorrent client, and its friend-to-friend data sharing features are built on cryptographic standards, e.g., X.509 certificates and SSL encryption.

Download @:

Identify a Font | Typeface Identification – How to Find the Name of an Unknown Font

Want to know what font is used in a logo, A nice looking magazine or a good book?

Snap a picture,  upload and find out what it is:

About Type & Fonts Forum
Post a sample GIF or point to an URL with an example of the font you need to identify. Members help members identify and locate fonts. Sometimes you’ll get a perfect match, sometimes not, but it’s a great starting point.
Identifont – Identify a font from a logo
Use this option when you only have a few letters to work with. It only asks questions about those characters. Not as accurate but still good to use.
Identifont – Identify a font
Answer a series of questions about the letter shapes to help narrow down the choices. Sometimes it works well, sometimes not as well. But definitely worth trying when you have a fairly good sample of characters to work with.
Identifont – Find a picture/symbol font
Type in keywords to locate dingbat fonts that contain the kind of images you need such as ‘cats’ or ‘leaves’.
What Font is This?
Kathleen Tinkel helps you become a font detective and identify and locate specific fonts.
Upload a GIF or submit the URL of the unknown font and get back top 10 guesses of what it is. Easy to use. Fair to Great results depending on the image you supply.

Spotify Super Search ! –

Easy as spitting… Sorry, Spotting.

The advanced search tool Spotify Super Search has been updated to a finished version, adding some great new features such as a search history and smart genre filtering. The final features are:

  • Create an advanced search query then click Search to search directly in Spotify!
  • Select whether to search on Artist, Album, Track, or any field.
  • Specify whether the result matches, starts with, or does not match your query.
  • Search based on year (is, is before, is after, or is between)
  • Filter the list of hundreds of genres as you type.
  • Recall all previous searches using the new History feature.

Check it out:

I made a simple link to it so it’s easier to remember:


more spotify tools on pansentient

Best Antivirus – Detection rates

A simple list of detection rates, from research by February 2009

Out of a total of 1.274.928 viruses, trojans, worms and malware the following list tells us the detection rates of the different AntiVirus programs:

1. G Data 99.8%

2. Avira 99.7%

3. McAfee2 99.1

4. Symantec 98.7%

5. Avast 98.2

6.  Bitdefender, eScan 98.0%

7. ESET Nod32 97.6%

8. Kaspersky, TrustPort 97.1%

9. F-Secure 93.4%

10. AVG 93&

11. Sophos 89.6%

12. Command 88.9%

13. Norman 87.8%

14. Microsoft 87.1%

15. Kingsoft 84.9%

I just found this interesting. More on