Prepar3D Crash to Desktop [Fix] – KernelBase.dll uiautomationcore.dll 64-bit

I have had issues with Prepar3D 2.5 crashing to desktop when I try to open any menus.

  • A quick check of the error logs gave me KernelBase.dll as the module causing the error.
  • Further investigation using Appcrashview said it was an automationcore error.

I read somewhere earlier that different versions of uiautomationcore.dll in some cases, especially 64 bit windows does not play well with Prepar3D.

  • The solution is to put this version of uiautomationcore.dll in the P3D directory. (where you installed p3D to)

  • I also deleted uiautomationcore.dll from windows/system32 and windows/SysWOW64 folders. (I don’t know if this is necessary though, and it might lead to other problems)  This was not needed and would cause problems in .Net applications

Try this, it helped me!