The question of the sagging floors in the WTC.

Something just came to mind that I cannot explain. Maybe someone with structural engineering skills kan explain this to me.

According to NIST, as far as I’m right here, part of the collapse of the twin towers was the fact that the floors sagged due to heat, and this pulled in with considerable force on the outer columns.

Can someone please explain to me how a sagging (softer) floor can pull more inwards on a perimeter column than a straight one? We are not adding any force to the floor, it just expands as it is no longer as rigid. The load on the point where it is connected to the perimeter column must be the same.

Of course it would be different if the sagging was due to added weight (downward force) to the floor, but this is not the case.

If i hang a narrow line between two small trees and I grab onto it and hang, it gives way and there is some pull on the trees as well as some sag in the line. If I do the same with a thicker line it does not give way that much, but shouldn’t the pull on the trees be the same? They are supporting the same weight. (Mine)

I cannot wrap my mind around this theory. I bet it has something to do with vectors though 🙂



T-shirt design, Illustrator and Cafepress Spreadshirt Zazzle and the likes

I always liked designing things, and i need to get better at Illustrator. A great practice for me is to design stuff and put on t-shirts. I just wanted to tell my readers about this and let them know. Since designing a T-shirt is a process, I decided to blog about some of my designs. I think it makes them more valuable for the wearer. To know what I was thinking and a bit how i did the design. You can check out my designs in my t-shirt design blog, or you can go directly to and visit my shop. I decided to use Zazzle because, well, there is not really any reasons that’s just how it turned out. 🙂

I hope you like my designs, and I’d really appreciate if you took the time to rate some of them! (And who knows maybe even buy one and make me money for a coffee 😉

Here are a couple of my designs:

If you like these you might like the rest of my designs too. If you need logos or other designed elements for t-shirts, business, the web or anything else, feel free to contact my graphics repartment (that means me) at: info(AT)

Carry on!

Identify a Font | Typeface Identification – How to Find the Name of an Unknown Font

Want to know what font is used in a logo, A nice looking magazine or a good book?

Snap a picture,  upload and find out what it is:

About Type & Fonts Forum
Post a sample GIF or point to an URL with an example of the font you need to identify. Members help members identify and locate fonts. Sometimes you’ll get a perfect match, sometimes not, but it’s a great starting point.
Identifont – Identify a font from a logo
Use this option when you only have a few letters to work with. It only asks questions about those characters. Not as accurate but still good to use.
Identifont – Identify a font
Answer a series of questions about the letter shapes to help narrow down the choices. Sometimes it works well, sometimes not as well. But definitely worth trying when you have a fairly good sample of characters to work with.
Identifont – Find a picture/symbol font
Type in keywords to locate dingbat fonts that contain the kind of images you need such as ‘cats’ or ‘leaves’.
What Font is This?
Kathleen Tinkel helps you become a font detective and identify and locate specific fonts.
Upload a GIF or submit the URL of the unknown font and get back top 10 guesses of what it is. Easy to use. Fair to Great results depending on the image you supply.