I don’t need a boyfriend. I have Jonathan from Spotify

Everyone using Spotify, the excellent streaming music service, has heard the sweet velvet British accent of  “Jonathan from Spotify”. I think we all have had a little crush on him.

This T-Shirt is the appropriate one to wear to truly honour this sexy voice.

I don’t need a boyfriend, I have Jonathan from Spotify!

get the T-shirt from CustomDropShipper.com

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T-shirt design, Illustrator and Cafepress Spreadshirt Zazzle and the likes

I always liked designing things, and i need to get better at Illustrator. A great practice for me is to design stuff and put on t-shirts. I just wanted to tell my readers about this and let them know. Since designing a T-shirt is a process, I decided to blog about some of my designs. I think it makes them more valuable for the wearer. To know what I was thinking and a bit how i did the design. You can check out my designs in my t-shirt design blog spreadmaster.wordpress.com, or you can go directly to www.zazzle.com/spreadmaster and visit my shop. I decided to use Zazzle because, well, there is not really any reasons that’s just how it turned out. 🙂

I hope you like my designs, and I’d really appreciate if you took the time to rate some of them! (And who knows maybe even buy one and make me money for a coffee 😉

Here are a couple of my designs:

If you like these you might like the rest of my designs too. If you need logos or other designed elements for t-shirts, business, the web or anything else, feel free to contact my graphics repartment (that means me) at: info(AT)spreadmaster.tk.

Carry on!

San Jose Earthquake 4.3 – Surviving Earthquakes

USGS reports 4.3 magnitude and depth of 4.8 miles or 7.7km. No tsunami warning associated with this event.

Our world is not asleep, it’s not a rock. It’s a living breathing monster. San Jose Was struck at the time of writing about two hours ago by a 4.3 Richter scale magnitude earthquake.

What can we do to keep safe?

Prepare and keep a survival kit at home, in your car or at work. Contamination of water can be problematic, and loss of power hits the modern civilisation pretty hard. A survival kit is also never wrong for other emergencies, hurricanes, Tornadoes. Not that I’m trying to paint a terrifying picture here, You’ll probably be allright.

However, It’s not a bad idea to stock up on survival gear. In fact it’s first on CERI’s* list of what to do in an Earthquake.

(*Center For Earthquake Research and Information)


  • Have an earthquake survival kit on hand.
  • All family members should know how to turn off gas, water, and electricity.
  • Plan family emergency procedures, and make plans for reuniting your family.
  • Know emergency telephone numbers (doctor, hospital, police, 911, etc)
  • Anchor heavy objects to walls (bookcases, wall units, mirrors, cabinets, etc.)
  • Never place heavy objects over beds, and keep heavy objects lower than head height of shortest member of family.

Get a survival kit from CampingSurvival.com, or a similar store.  Better safe than sorry…

(You don’t see that many webpages with a design centered around dirt and rocks. It’s really quite refreshing. And i like the shovel 🙂 )

Piezoelectricity powers artificial bunny

B. Gillespie

Illustration by B. Gillespie

Well, maybe  not an artificial bunny but ScienceNOW Daily News Reported this on Mar. 26, 2009

Georgia Institute of  Technology researchers have built a piezoelectric effect (mechanical pressure converted to electricity) nanogenerator, the first to use this effect at the nanoscale.

This could allow microsensors and miniature medical devices to derive their electrical needs from their surroundings instead of from batteries.

Riktig SunTrip t-shirt från Sällskapsresan och Uniship från Göta Kanal

The Following post in Swedish

Jag antar att många älskar Sällskapsresan och Göta Kanal. Två härliga filmer med två härliga fantasibolag. Suntrip i sällskapsresan och Uniship i Göta kanal.

Jag har hittat en site som har bra versioner av t-shirts, BBQ-förkläde, muggar, klistermärken m.m. med SunTrips och Uniships loggor på. Testade beställa sjäv, jag fick varan och betalningen var via paypal.