No option to turn off subtitles in Netflix – How to solve

As many have noticed, lots of movies have no option to turn off subtitles when watching Netflix in Scandinavia for example.

I for one dislike subtitles in movies if i understand the language. English, for example. I don’t want to see ugly yellow finnish, swedish, danish or norweigan subtitles. They are just annoying and destroy the viewing experience directing the eyes off what is actually happening. If I want to read something I grab a book… We have the same problem here in movie theatres. I wish there were special screenings subtitle-free for people who understand english (like 90% of movie theatre-visitors here) … 

Well we can’t fix this in the movie theatre, but here is a simple workaround for Netflix at least on PC or Mac.

We tell Netflix to show a custom subtitle file, but it is just an empty text file.

Here is how:

  • Create a new text file, on the desktop for example.
  • Name it  empty.dfxp
  • (On Mac “Get Info” on the file to set the right extension)
  • Open the movie/video you want to see in Netflix


  • Hold Shift+Alt (for Mac Shift+Opt) and LEFT CLICK on the screen
  • Select “Load Custom DFXP File
  • Load your empty.dfxp -file

    Enter Shift+Ctrl+Alt+T to bring up the dialog for loading subtitles (Thanx Hasan!)

  • Load your empty.dfxp -file

Voila, subtitles are gone! Now rejoice and take the poll!


27 thoughts on “No option to turn off subtitles in Netflix – How to solve

  1. Just one thing I cant seem to get to work, is that my pc isn’t detecting the .dxfp file, now when you say text file do you mean a text document, if not I think that might be my problem.

  2. Hi! I just created a new text file and renamed it to empty.dfxp. See that you have windows set to show file extensions otherwise you might rename it to empty.dfxp.txt without realizing it.

  3. Thank you for the info. It helped a lot. Able to really watch more movies with out the annoying SUBTITLES. I did have trouble at first finding the file after making. Found out it was me. Save as empty.dfxp…..under format change it to all. Then I was able to find it.
    Thank you Again for the info.

  4. Firstly, thank you for this. It worked brilliantly! Secondly, it seems you wrote “dxfp” in the step of naming the text file, rather than the correct “dfxp”. People like Sokonit (and me, before I double checked) only read that first instance of the extension name when going through the steps.

    A minor issue really. Great article that really helped me get rid of something that was almost pushing me away from the entire service.

  5. This is unfortunately not working for me. I have a Mac, and figured out how to create the file, save it as .dfxp, and load it, but it doesn’t get rid of the subtitles. Are some subtitles embedded into the video in a way that they can’t be removed? I tried it on Word and TextEdit, and neither made a difference.

  6. Annie, it is possible that some movies have hardcoded subtitles, (try changing language and see if there are options) Unfortunately I have never tested this on a mac but itshould work. Just make sure the file has the correct extension.

  7. I have a Mac, and evaluated how to make the document, spare it as .dfxp, and burden it, yet it doesn’t dispose of the subtitles. Are a few subtitles implanted into the feature in a manner that they can’t be evacuated? I attempted it on Word and Textedit, and none, of these had any kind of effect.

  8. Yes! Exactly what I was looking for. I use Hola for Chrome to access different country versions of Netflix and finally found “24” on the Mexican Netflix but those subtitles are just too annoying, this trick totally saves the day. Muchas gracias!

  9. Here’s another solution.
    Hola – The country spoofing app/extension for google chrome, lets you change the apparent country you are browsing from. thus you can appear to be browsing from USA, which will give you the american film selection as well as enable you to disable subtitles.

  10. This only works with silverlight, Netflix switched to html5. Need to find a new way to get rid of subtitles…

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  12. Your instructions work, the subtitles are gone, but after I log out and back in again I have to do the same thing over again. Is there a way to remove subtitles for everything permanently?

  13. Hi TGH
    Unfortunately I don’t know if these settings can be saved, or where they are temporarily saved. If we find out where and that is in a file or registry key somewhere it could be made read only. However i think it’s just functions inside the netflix player that are triggered and each time the player is reloaded from netflix (each time the page is refreshed) the settings are back to default. That’s my guess at least. Maybe a Greasemonkey-script could do something but that’s beyond my skills 🙂

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