Google TV is here [Video]

Google is actually making the TV useful again. If I think about it, I mostly use my livingroom tv as a secondary monitor for my laptop. Watching movies, series and accationally I play games on the 42″ screen. It looks good, it’s convenient and TV programming is mostly just boring/bad and just as Google says, trespasses on my life schedule.

With Google TV, the TV becomes a hybrid netbook and movie center. It is actually right in line with the changes of media consumption habits, catering to what the users need. This is the way to go. (Mass suing 50.000 people for getting their content delivered digitally is NOT.)

It is still unclear whether media companies will be getting on this train or not, but it is a huge incentive and wakeup-call for the media industry who have been doing the ostrich-dance with their heads in the sand, pooing all over their userbase.

Good. If I can get the content I want on this thing, easily and cheap I want one.


One thought on “Google TV is here [Video]

  1. MrGnome, my friend, I realize I never came by yet to see your new look! It’s fabulous, really bold and yet professional looking. I like it. As for Google TV, I would like to try it. Already using GMail, Google Calendar, and Docs. They’re quite innovative.

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