Air Powered car developed. MDI Enterprises

I hadn’t heard about this before. The project was started by mechanical engineer Guy Negre who used to be in Formula One.

The concept is a car that uses compressed air as a fuel source. This is just a heads up, and I have to read more about it, but apparently Tata the big Indian car company will be building these zero emission cars. These types of cars is intended to be driven in overpopulated and particularly polluted cities. An american model will be available in 2010 made by zeroemission cars.

It features:

  • Two minutes refill
  • Mono-energy compressed-air in city, dual-energy on road
  • Zero Pollution with mono-energy, 30g of CO2 with dual-energy
  • 900Km road range with dual-energy, 100Km with mono-energy
  • Car body monoblock made in fiberglass and external chassis for safety

Apparently this has been in the making for quite some time, here are some milestones:

1996   Compressed Air engines (1st generation).
1998   First cars (Green Taxi)
1999   “MDIs Industrial concept”
2000   Move to CARROS
2001   Dual-energy technology – “stop and go” piston
2002   Presentation of the MiniCATs at the‘Mondial de l’auto’
2003   New thermodynamic cycle (active chamber)
2005   Creation of the “cold combustion” cycle.
2006   Move to the model plant in CARROS
2007  Signature of the TATA Motors agreement – Development of the OneCATS
2008   Development of the OneCATS and preparation of the Model factory
2009   Launching of the OneCAT

It’s cool, I want one!

Read more here

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6 thoughts on “Air Powered car developed. MDI Enterprises

  1. Excellent site,Thanks for this great post – I will be sure to check out your blog more often.Just subscriped to your RSS feed..

  2. Unfortunately, the timeline above is incorrect. The launching of the OneCat (now called MiniFlowAir) has been indefinitely delayed.

    So far, in spite of announcing almost every year that production starts “next year”, MDI still has sold any of their cars.

  3. So far, in spite of announcing almost every year that production starts “next year”, MDI still has sold any of their cars.

    Too bad 😦

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