Advanced System Care review

Folks this is going to be a rather long one so please get your snacks ready. You are about to encounter one of the best PC maintenance programs ever made to this date. And best of all – it’s TOTALLY FREE!

Advanced System Care

I have been working with and troubleshooting PC’s for many years and tried numbers of different software solutions for cleaning and maintaining the Windows system, from windows 95 up through XP, and now even Vista. All these systems are prone to problems, and as the years have gone by the systems have grown exponentially making them harder and harder to control for the end user.

Advanced System Care (from now on in this review referred to as ASC) is a free tool by the rather new company iobit. ASC contains everything you need to easily control your PC’s by single click optimization, and you can go even further and explore the other included tools for system optimization. Everything is very easy, well explained, beutifully organized in one simple application. I truly love this program! There, I said it…

I will not go through all the optimization tools for you in this review, it’s just going to be too longΒ  a post. My plan is to go into the different modes as single posts. This is going to be a review, not a complete guide. -Yet.

If you at this time get interested in the software you can start the download, and then follow me through the optimization and cleaning process.


Okay, let’s continue…

After installation you will be greeted by the following screen:


In this screen you see a big friendly “Care” button. What you do is you click it, and ASC will automatically go through the different cleaning procedures and optimizers that you need. That’s it. It’s as simple as that. And yet very thorough and versitile.

The main program is Divided into three main menus

Maintain Windows, Diagnose System and Utilities.

Maintain Windows

This is your one stop for

  • Spyware removal
  • Registry fix
  • Privacy sweep
  • Cleaning of Junk files

When it has scanned, just klick the “Repair” button

Diagnose System

This menu scans your PC for

  • Inefficient settings
    • For example unnecessary running processes or system settings.
  • Immunization of spyware
  • Disk fragmentation
  • Hijacked Settings

When it has scanned, just klick the “Repair” button

Utilities – Tuneup

This menu gives you convenient access to a

  • Disk Check
    • The well known chkdsk utility.
  • Disk Cleaner
    • Scans for junk files.
  • Firefox TCP Optimizer
    • To optimize internet access speed.
  • Game Booster
    • A cool utility that shuts down extra processes and recovers memory before launching a game.
  • Smart defrag
    • A Completely free defrag solution with great results! In its own an amazing free product. This needs to be downloaded from iobit, as it is not bundled with ASC, but the download is free and will integrate into ASC.
  • Registry Defrag
    • Defrags the registry heaps (files).
  • Shortcut fixer
    • Scans Your PC for invalid Shortcuts and fixes them.
  • Smart Ram
    • A Complete RAM-optimizer, that finds ram to free up for use.
  • Driver Updates
    • Still at beta stage, scans your PC for old drivers and gives you a list of download links to the new versions. Kinda like Radarsync if you have tried that.

Utilities – Security

  • Driver backup
    • Lets you back up and restore your drivers all in one click
  • Internet Explorer Security Assistant
    • Shows you Internet Explorer Security settings
  • System Backup
    • An NT system back up utility
  • System file checker
    • Scans your system files and makes sure they are not altered in any way. (The old sfc /scannow)

Utilities – Admin tools

  • Auto Shutdown
    • An auto shutdown utility that lets you schedule a time for system shutdown or reboot. For example have your computer reboot every night to wake up to a fresh system. In case you are one of those who keep it on all the time…
  • Context menu manager
    • Lets you manage the right click context menu in Windows. Nifty.
  • Disk Explorer
    • Scans your disks and shows you what type of files are on them, how big they are and lets you find duplicate files and erase them. A perfect tool for cluttred hard-drives. I found lots of duplicate files some of them quite large that i removed.
  • Restore Center
    • Each time ASC does something it saves a backup. This can be restore should you run into any problems.
  • Software uninstaller
    • Quite similar to the add-remove programs in the control panel. But nice to have one here as well.
  • Startup Manager
    • Lets you choose what programs are started automatically with Windows. This is where to go look if your boot time is too long.
  • System information
    • A complete resume of your system components. I realized I have too slow memory. Well what do you know…
  • Windows Manager
    • Shows you
      • Running services
      • Running processes
      • Active network connections
      • Cookies

That’s all. So far. Like I said I won’t go into more details here, but this is a good resume of what’s in there TOTALLY FREE! I think it’s AMAZING, the quality and quantity of the utilities.

I cannot emphasize enough how badly you need to try this amazing piece of free software. In the last week i have fixed 5 computers simply using ASC , and they have all become more responsive and clean and lean.

Do like a pro, help your friends out. Tell them to download this program and click Care. Stop wasting money on other products, when you can do it all for free with this. They say there’s no thing as a free lunch? Well, this is pretty darn close. This software will be on all my machines from now on.



9 thoughts on “Advanced System Care review

  1. I know it’s ungrateful of me, but is there any way I can get rid of ASC’s daily pop-up message offering me a free upgrade that isn’t exactly free (unless you want to sign up for a sponsor’s offer)? Many thanks.

  2. Hmmm, it doesn’t do that for me. At least not yet, so i can’t help you there. Maybe it starts after a while?

  3. Yep. Does it every time I turn on the computer. Started as soon as I installed it.

  4. I get no pop ups as of yet but when i use care on asc my IE stops working I’ve rolled back time but every time i clean it stop working again can i change this?

  5. ive been usin it for about the last 5 months. and i have to agree. it works friggin great!!!!!! it doesnt do everythin i need. but along with a few other programs its helped to keep my computers nice n clean and runnin smooth. plus on the other note, in those 5 months i havent seen one single pop up about anything. i do a little bit of side work cleaning computers and fixing little minor problems. i have a little arsenal or products that i use and download on peoples computers to help in the cleaning and tweaking process. ASC is on alot of peoples computers now and they love it. sorry for rambling πŸ™‚

  6. Jason, that comment could have been written by me πŸ™‚ I totally agree. I too help ppl with their old machines and ASC usually makes quite dramatic improvements to “novices” who have neglected their systems for the last 5 years. You know the ones with 50 programs on autostart and so on πŸ™‚

    It’s also quite easy to use so you can actually instruct them to run the cleanup every once in a while.

    Anyway, thanx for commenting and good luck with fixing computers!

  7. Love the program, some people i heard complain of viruses on some servers but i find that its because the “pro” versions they got were all pirated, i used the latest one from the iobit website (the free one), worked great for me even sped up my dads old laptop, the internet optimizer worked great too up to almost 10mbits per second ( i recommend being careful with that though, the higher it gets set the more BW you use and you could eventually hit your BW limit)

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