Best Antivirus – Detection rates

A simple list of detection rates, from research by February 2009

Out of a total of 1.274.928 viruses, trojans, worms and malware the following list tells us the detection rates of the different AntiVirus programs:

1. G Data 99.8%

2. Avira 99.7%

3. McAfee2 99.1

4. Symantec 98.7%

5. Avast 98.2

6.  Bitdefender, eScan 98.0%

7. ESET Nod32 97.6%

8. Kaspersky, TrustPort 97.1%

9. F-Secure 93.4%

10. AVG 93&

11. Sophos 89.6%

12. Command 88.9%

13. Norman 87.8%

14. Microsoft 87.1%

15. Kingsoft 84.9%

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12 thoughts on “Best Antivirus – Detection rates

  1. Thanks for this info on antivirus detection. It’s good to check on these stats from time to time as there can be a fair amount of variability from year to year.

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  3. Thanx for commenting! Also check out the free Advanced System Care too. It’s not an antivirus, but it removes trojans and optimizes the system automatically.

    I run nod32 currently, but malware creeps in anyway from time to time. I’m currently on the hunt for something triggering my windows auto security service shutdown.

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  5. Wow. Those number figures are not only wrong. But, it doesn’t tell the whole story. Symantec and Mcafee have been known for a long time to be the worst antivirus programs you can put on a pc. Why do you think they are the ones on a store bought pc? It is because they are part of the big commercial “ads in your face” conspiracy that infests every store bought computer. Nothing but loads of garbage on one of those and you have to pretty much wipe the slate clean and install something good.

  6. I think another VERY (maybe more) useful info would be the speed at which new definitions updates come out of the labs, or the mean time between the detection of a new menace and the instant a patch is released by said lab.
    I seem to remember Kaspersky and BitDefender both make the top five, but I may be wrong.

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