Homeopathy vs Allopathy

I’m a bit upset with the western medicine today. Lots of what is going on is just to cure symptoms, not really the cause of why we get sick. Traditional “eastern” and Homeopathic medicine looks at the whole person, life situation, spiritual/psychological balance and it uses remedies from nature. Allopathy, the “western” way claims to be scientific, and the law says “only drugs can cure illness”. Drugs are derived from nature but can be patented. What the law really is saying is: “only drugs can give us revenue trough monopoly on patents”. The problem is that statistics are twisted and turned to look much better scientifically than they actually are. “We are on the verge of beating cancer” is what we have heard for decades and decades. “We just need more funding”. Imagine the amount of people who would loose their jobs if cancer research was no longer needed. And what if there is a natural cure for it!

Follow the money trace.

Watch this video on Homepathy and Allopathy. The history of the two ways to look at sickness and health. Think about it.

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Click here for more info on natural medicine


3 thoughts on “Homeopathy vs Allopathy

  1. This is a highly irresponsible video. I suggest you take a look at this website for the harm caused by alternative medicine:


    Your comments about homeopathy demonstrate your ignorance on that subject and on science in general. (And geography too. The guy who invented homeopathy was German – since when has Germany been in the East?)

    Read the truth about homeopathy here:


    Edit: Slightly moderated by admin

  2. Skepticat,

    Thank you for your comment. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion in this case, and that is why i posted this video.
    However I feel I need to point out that I didn’t mean to present this as some kind of absolute truth. (If that even exists) Just have a look at the video and what Is said and be aware of the role that money plays in western medicine. I have discussed this lately with an MD that was of the same opinion as me.

    Regarding homepoathy being more in line with traditional eastern medicine I still think that is a correct statement. (Note the ” ” around eastern)

    Regarding my ingnorance for science, I do have a Master’s degree in Cognitive Science and I know how statistics can be manipulated. Read my about page.

    Again, thank you for commenting.

  3. @Skepticat

    Citing whatstheharm.net is nothing more than a hollow straw man argument. I notice that allopathy is not listed on there. I would think that amongst all the drug scandals and faked clinical studies that have appeared in peer-reviewed journals, such a thing would be listed. Why is it that (pseudo)skeptics such as yourself trumpet the science of modern medicine but never make mention when these problems (often) occur?

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