ShopWiki – Review

I’m on a roll here, so I try to keep writing and telling you what I found.

I found ShopWiki.

Shopwiki is kinda like a google for webstores, it crawls and lists and compiles any store selling a certaing product out there. I was looking for Crysis Warhead. Partly because i loved Crysis, and wrote a long post about how to enhance the graphics in it.

So I entered Crysis Warhead in the search field. Instantly i got this back:


A nice compilation of where the game is sold, to what price and how to get there.

There even is a color bar! I accidentally clicked it and it listed all yellow products referring to my search term. Not that useful for me, but it can be good if you want to search for yellow slippers.

The site also has different sections for example Video game controllers or video game consoles, check out the different sections over at:


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