Full screen flash lag final fix!

For a while now i have had problems playing full screen flash movies. They have lagged, that is had very low fps (framerate). This has happened in Both IE and Firefox

I finally found a fix that works!

Do like this.

1.Go to the control panel and uninstall Flash Player and Flash ActiveX Control

2.Start INTERNET EXPLORER (It has to be IE), and install flash player from Internet explorer.

3. Close IE and start firefox. Install Flash player from Firefox.

Done! This helped me, and I’m playing flash movies in full screen on my 1680×1050 res monitor at high fps.

This solution really works, I have tried others but to no avail. I finally found this to work. 😉

surfthechannel here I come 🙂


33 thoughts on “Full screen flash lag final fix!

  1. The most common issue with full screen in Flash is that the video hardware cannot keep up with redrawing the frames. If you have an integrated graphics card, simple turn off hardware acceleration and let the software scalar redraw the frames.

  2. Mike,

    Turning off HW acceleration might work for some issues, however not for the one I’ve been experiencing. The above solution is the only thing that helped me.

    And the flash was lagging with a Radeon 3850 HD 🙂

  3. My god, you have solved a problem that has been plaguing me for almost a year now. Brilliant!

  4. Adobe sucks isnt there anywhere to download another flash player then adobe

    i cant solve my problem have done everything

  5. Alex. You can use downloadhelper addon for firefox to download the flv files themselves and then look at them through vlc. But for an inline, in-browser player there is no alternative really that I know of. Sorry.

  6. I was trying to show my friend this problem but of course everything worked perfectly when i tried to show him the problem… 😀 typical

  7. What about the Mozilla Firefox-addon for vlc. Just check the checkbox for the plugin during the installation of vlc. I have never liked the plugin as it’s not working the way I want it, but hey, give it a shot!

  8. Ok, I’m on a mac, but the same thing may work for PC’s.

    apparently there is an issue with flash player 10’s new “hardware acceleration feature” and certain graphics cards. If you are experiencing full screen lag, you just need to right click a movie playing with flash in your browser and go to settings and turn off this hardware acceleration feature. Worked like a charm for me. Hope this helps!

  9. This definitely worked for me. Realized when utilizing flash through IE fullscreen works flawlessly. So it was definitely some issue with Firefox. Installing IE prior to Firefox has fixed the issue for me.


  10. I know this is an old post, but in case you come across it, thank you so much for the fix. It was incredibly annoying and I was looking in all the wrong places.


  11. My friend has experienced similar issues with a an old Celeron 350 system. It’s ~2.53GHz, 1 GB DDR, and ATI Radeon 9100 IGP for graphics. It’s not HD accelerated. However, I remember back when I owned the machine (I’ve recently given it to him), I had no problem with flash (eg. Youtube) in fullscreen. Now, I’ve given this lots of though. One possible solution is that it has to do with the screen resolution. When I had the computer, I used a 19″ 4:3 monitor so my resolution was 1280×1024. My friend however, has this 40″ LCD telly connected, and is running his Windows desktop at 1920×1080 full-HD resolution. I’m not sure how/if(!) this affects flash way of neededing capacity to redraw frames, or in which matter. However, I’ll see to check the hardware acceleration tickbox. Thanks for this thread!

  12. Hey so how do i do this trick? first i uninstall adobe then i go on Internet explorer and install adobe again? so after installing it again for internet explorer the videos will work fully without any lag?
    my friend told me about something like this and he goes it works.

    plz respond fast

  13. I Tried This But it Doesnt Work That Much
    It Just Made Videos Run A Teeny Bit Smoother
    What Should i Do?

    I Dont Want To Download The Videos
    Is There Anything Else?
    Download Helper For Firefox Takes To Long!!!

  14. Michael,

    Okay. I’m sorry I cannot really help you further. This worked for me and i wanted to share that. I’m not an Adobe support person ;). Try looking at hardware acceleration. What is your graphics chipset? Some don’t work with Flash 10, so try uninstalling and install Flash 9.

    Good luck!

  15. Ok Thx Mrgnome. u know when u said urs was working cuz of this guide. was it fully working?
    no lag whats so ever?

  16. Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you Michael. What are your computer specifications? (Operating system, graphics card, graphics card driver version, processor, memory)?

  17. Mrgnome, thx very mych u helped me big time here. thx!!!
    i used all types of browsers like Firefox. but that didnt work. then i tried chrome. it worked a little bit better. nah actually a lot better. then i tried i.E and that worked even better than chrome. so thx to u i tried this and this works the best methods. thx mrgnome!!!!
    i can now watch videos a lot smoother.

  18. Hey guys I tried everything but nothing worked and then i did a disk defragmentation and uninstalled a lot of my old games and now it works perfectly.

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