GPS Tracking? Do we want it?

Several companies are marketing GPS tracking devices. What are they? Well GPS tracking devices use global satellite positioning to send the postion of your car, your spouse or your cat to a database, in which you can easily check their location. Nifty? Well used right I guess it is, but there are problems.

Some devices you simply keep in your pocket and then plug them in to your computer when you come home to see where you have been. This would not be bad for integrity, and might even be convenient if you are a sleepwalker, or often lend your trousers to strangers and end up wondering where they have been.

Tracking your spouse or child is something different. In my opinion this amount of control over another individual is bad and should not be condoned. If you feel you need to know exactly where your child is at all times you need to get professional help. Giving your child freedom and responsibility is a good thing, over-controlling it is a bad thing. Implants anyone?

Gps Tracking your car would be slightly different but then again, someone else in your family can be drivning it, and they should be entitled to some privacy – right? There always has to be a balance between integrity and surveillance, and too much GPS-tracking disturbs this balance.

Freight companies also use this technique to track containers. This is excellent, and in no way bad for integrity. Unless the parcels mind of cource.

Some cell phones with built-in GPS devices are able to upload their position to a web-based system allowing your friends to check where you are. But can you be sure that your friends are the only ones who have access to that information? Absolutely sure?

GPS tracking can be a good tool in some occations but should not be used too frequently, or to keep track of other people.

Use responsibly


6 thoughts on “GPS Tracking? Do we want it?

  1. Gnome, you are such a hoot! …”or often lend your trousers to strangers and end up wondering where they have been.”
    Ha! I’ll have to stop doing that then. I’m passionately opposed to beings like children, spouses, and cats knowing where I am…(oh, I think you meant that the other way around.) I certainly agree with your points. There is a level of paranoia parents seem to have these days, possibly caused by TOO MUCH communication. We hear/read way too many stories about how “dangerous” it is out there, so we must be “monitored” by our friends and family or by our governments to keep us safe.
    Haven’t been by here for a while. Good to know you’re still out there causing trouble. đŸ˜‰

  2. Oh I’m always out there. People stickin it to me I’m sticking it to them. I’ pretty sure common sense will rule in the end although it looks rather bad right now. Scare mongering works as long as people are oblivious of the truth, I just wish more people would adhere to common sense rather than whatever lunatic media scares them. Come on America, yes, I’m talking to you. Are you really that stupid?

  3. Unregulated GPS tracking is extremely dangerous. I am a victim of a sexual assault because I was tracked with a GPS device that was installed on my vehicle by a co-worker, tracked to a place where I hung out, given rohypnol (date rape drug) without my knowledge and then subjected to harassment at work because the events that occurred while under the influence of rohypnol were emailed to my colleagues. There was nothing I could do because nobody volunteered the incriminating evidence because it was only sent to friends of the sexual predator. Eventually I was fired from my job because the company refused to acknowledge the problem.

    Even though a situation like mine is probably very rare, it will become more common unless the victims have legal recourse. I went to the police once I became aware of what happened to me and was told because I had no physical evidence I could not take action. The officer was not technically savvy so she treated me as if I had a fantasy inspired by a sci fi movie. This just made my anguish all the more painful. Until the public if fully aware of the technology, they will not be aware of how predators or sociopaths can abuse it with impunity

  4. kg thank You so much for sharing! This is a good example of the implications that people don’t generally think about. Wishing you all the best.

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