BMW GINA a shapeshifting car with lycra skin!


This is really interesting. The German car manufacturer BMW has made a concept car with shapeshifting capabilities. The BMW Gina. The car has a moving shifting frame, covered with a plastic coated lycra material. It “blinks” to open its lights, or should i say eyes, opening the hood looks more like a surgery cut being opened. I like the way the rear lights just shine through the cloth, otherwise completely invisible. Overall a very organic feel. Very cool, in lack of a better word. Almost awesome!

Only downside is the engine. A very old-school internal combustion solution… It’s kinda like having a coal plant run the Mars rover…

More pics here!
Have a look at the BMW GINA fabric car video here:


7 thoughts on “BMW GINA a shapeshifting car with lycra skin!

  1. i reckon the aerodynamics of a car like this would be very bad and it would very quickly look crappy with tears of the Lycra skin being certain over time.
    don’t expect it to be in the BMW dealers any time soon…

  2. Yeah, I agree. It would probably look like torn jeans after a year. 🙂 However it’s a cool concept, maybe other new materials would make it work in the future.

  3. Seems like a good idea, especially for an electric where heat isn’t a big issue. Lycra isn’t that expensive so you can just replace the skin every couple years. Heck just buy multiple colors & change them periodically. It’s only 2 hours to change the skin.

  4. Get a grip, guys. This isn’t about Lycra! It’s about thinking different. In order to come up with new ideas, you have to challenge previously written-in-stone ideas. Like “a car has a metal body”; who says you can’t try new materials? That’s what this is about. Change is in the air. Change or die like GM.

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