Crysis engine in Flight Simulator

When is it coming? A new engine for Microsoft’s flight simulator. Looking at the available engines today, one engine really stansds out as far as georendering goes, and that is the CryEngine2 from Crysis.

Microsoft is really lagging behind with their graphics in  FSX. Slow, ugly and blurry.

Imagine an approach to an island in FSXI looking like this:


Now it looks like this:

Would Microsoft consider buying the Crysis engine for their product line? Probably not. Do they have the technical knowledge to make something similar themselves. I  think so. Do they want to enhance graphics like this in FS_? I don’t know. Would the FS_-community want better ground rendering? Probably not all of them, but I would!

So when is the next installment of Microsoft flight simulator gonna be? I don’t know. However they really need to make a new enginge from scratch to be able to keep up on the graphics side. I’m looking forward to it, but until then I’m sticking to FS9. Not for the grahics, but for smoothness. FSX is an abomination.


4 thoughts on “Crysis engine in Flight Simulator

  1. sigh…. I’ve been thinking the same thing… The CryEngine2 with Microsofts Flight Simulator, that would be a dream, until then we’ll be flying the warbirds in crysis…

  2. That is exactly what i need!

    As long as it doesnt make FSX any laggier and in makes it look better.

    WOOO! =P

  3. Actually, there is a guy named CWright in the forums that is working on a Crysis flight sim. He has already release a Spitfire fighter and is now working on a B25 bomber.
    However, there are still a few problems with how the CryEngine2 handles things. But it is pretty neat flying at 10000 ft in a Spitfire over an 8km square island.

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