Man on Mars! – Or is it a rock – Or is it just dolphins?

The Mars rover “Spirit” picked up an interesting shape a while ago, something resembling a human being. This is what it looks like:

Man on Mars

Or is it a rock?

The figure was spotted recently by a hobby astronomer, and posted on a web page. Some thought it was bigfoot (I have to agree It has the same pose, like in the middle of a stride), and some thought it looked like a naked man.

Considering Mars is basically just sand, and sand heated to white hot luminescence combined with water seems to create DNA spontaneously out of the blueprints apparently abundant in the cosmos, I don’t know maybe that is a man. Everything is just energy anyway, and everything is just frequencies, different frequencies carry information packets. Check this movie out :

I’m optimistically sceptical about spontaneous DNA. The papers on it are out there. Kinda revolutionising if it is true. Puts everything on end.

Regarding the man figure, its the same principle that made us see the face on mars. We are very much programmed to recognize faces and body shapes in arbitrary patterns. We find what we look for.

Couple or doplhins

What do you see? A Couple or Doplhins?


7 thoughts on “Man on Mars! – Or is it a rock – Or is it just dolphins?

  1. The video blew my mind, mrg! It’s stunning and provocative. We’ve had so many “endtime” pronouncements before, but it feels like something different going on with this one.
    I like your term “optimistically sceptical” ! I may feel the need to steal it at some point.
    It took me a while to see naked dolphins instead of naked people. 😉

  2. Heheh, Thank you for your comment 🙂 I wrote this blog while installing Crysis, so I’m sorry for the fact that it’s a bit incoherent. I didn’t sleep at all last night so my brain is a bit mushy. Having a new computer and no real 9-5 daytime job makes MrGnome a happy, but tired camper.

    I think I need to devote a whole blog post to the spontaneous DNA findings. As soon as I have time.

    I just managed to tweak Crysis a bit further, working from an old hack. Or basically just enhancing the hack. An explanation and some pictures here. In case you havent seen Crysis, it’s absolutely beautiful. Stunning

  3. To me it looks as if some aliens took the little mermaid off Copenhagen and dumped it there when they found it was just a statue! LOL

  4. Great post. Humans are genetically designed to learn pattens. It’s how we learn to speak and to understand others, why we recognise emotion and understand when we’re in danger.
    It’s also why we’re a little selfish in believing that anything else out in the universe must resemble man; man on mars, man on the moon, It’s indearing in a way but we’re a strange species altogether 🙂
    Also I don’t see dolphins…I’m a little concerned.

  5. Thunk Different ,

    A total unability to see the dolphins would probably be enough to give you some sort of diagnose 🙂 Just don’t know which one… hehe

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