WordPress.com best theme?

New Year, new face.

In an attempt not to visuallt bore myself to death everytime I log on to my blog, I decided to change the theme. Going from something people feel at home with to something new is always risky. For my frequent readers; please tell me what You think of the new theme šŸ™‚ It’s a DIGG-inspired theme, has a search bar and seems pretty user-friendly.

Peace out and have a good 2008


2 thoughts on “WordPress.com best theme?

  1. I like this theme. I nearly chose it when it came out, but, I like to see the same one when I log on–it feels like home. This digg theme is good, though. I like 3-column themes, and this one is very easy on the eye. I always like to find previous posts, archives & categories easily and the tabs are nice too. šŸ™‚

  2. Muse,

    Yes that is exactly why I hesitated to change. The familiarity aspect is important from an environmental psyhology standpoint.

    I think I will go for this theme, and break conventions in favour of usability šŸ™‚

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