Stage 6 Video renamer. Help!

I have a bunch of downloaded Stage6 Videos that I would like to keep. I normally use the auto download feature of Stage6. However these are named with just numbers.

I was thinking it should be possible for someone with basic coding skills to write a program that goes to the webpage for the video, using the video number code, extract the name information for that particular video from the html-code and rename the file. This would then be done as a batch for the entire folder.

I looked into parsing the html-file and that should not be a problem, but I have not got enough skill to program the whole thing. Should be rather easy I think. If anyone reads this, and has the necessary skills I think many people would enjoy such a program.

Strange to make a Blog-post about a request, but lots of people read these pages, so I’m hoping to get lucky 🙂 …ehm…


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