Solution: DivX Web player error 403 after update to 1.4.

Edit: STAGE6 IS SHUT DOWN. This means that all videos supposed to be streaming from are not working. This is not a player error, and unfortunately cannot be fixed in this manner. However the divx-player is used on other sites as well, and is not affected by the stage6 shutdown. More here

If you use DivX Web player you might have noticed that some embedded files from other pages don’t work anymore after the 1.4 upgrade.

I don’t know why this is, but the solution is to download version 1.3 of the Divx Web Player and not update it.

Download Divx Web Player 1.3 HERE (

oh and it would be cool if you left me a comment if this works for you so I know,

Thanx, and happy holidays 🙂

Edit: [Not really currently appropriate greeting but I’m sure there is a holiday somewhere right now…]

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56 thoughts on “Solution: DivX Web player error 403 after update to 1.4.


  2. Heeeelp!!!

    I’ve download the divx 1.3 but i still get the error 403 message when i want to watch a movie, i use Mac OS X, someone can help me pleeeeaaase i’m desperate!

  3. loli,

    I’d love to help unfortunately I’m not skilled at Macs. Just make sure that the 1.3 is installed and not the 1.4. If possible, remove the 1.4 before and make sure it’s not there anymore (stage6 not working), then install 1.3. Also, understand that the link i provide here is for the Windows os, not mac OSX. The latest Divx web-player for Mac OSX seems to be 1.3.1

  4. Does anyone know how to fix this on Mac OS X? I can’t seem to remove 1.4, or I don’t know where its located…. so that i can get 1.3. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

  5. i just downgraded to v1.3 from v1.4, wow buffering and loading up at light speed now………thanks

  6. Who did such fuckedup work! I got the same problem when I upgraded my divX, but I still had the old installer and so I downgraded it and it worked again. Now I see that I’m not the only one with that problem. What where the guys from divX thinking releasing that crap! First they shut down stage6 and now that!

  7. I’ve downgraded to divx 1.3 but i still can play it.. It says that “The DivX Web Player can only play DivX (.divx or .avi) files.”

  8. why is it like that? can other people play the file.. cause the problem could be server side.. but i highly doubt that.. this is true for all divx files i play..

  9. It seems at least the “download file” link tries to access stage6, which is shut down. If the streaming link tries to access stage6 too, which is highly likely, we either get a download error or a wrong file type error. The wrong file type is probably because stage6 redirects to the shutdown message on the main stage6 page. So the application requests a divx file and gets a redirected html-file back, giving you the wrong filetype error. I beleive this IS server-side. What I don’t understand is why acidito still tries to use stage6. File a missing link report.

    This is what i can gather, just guessing, but i think that might be why.

  10. aahh.. that makes sense.. so with stage6 shutdown, i guess there’s no hope for watching hq divx files.. sigh.. thanks for your help man.. i really appreciate it..

  11. Yeah it sucks… 😦
    No problem buddy, I’m glad to help! Come visit my blog sometime again 🙂

  12. Hey, when i click on the link in the article shown for DivX 1.3 I can’t find 1.3 in British only 1.4 : S can someone point me in the right direction please.

  13. hey,

    a note: the link doesn’t work but just search on google. there are still a few sites that have it.

    thats what i had to do but i still get the “cannot download … check internet connection” error when i try to stream videos.

    i am running windows xp and vista – same problem in both.
    i am not watching on stage6.

    any help would be great.

    i am not

  14. Dan, please let me know the link and I’ll update the post. If you still remember where you got it. Unfortunately I don’t know why it still gives us problems 😦

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  17. hey i was just wondering. when i dl divx and watch videos on it says somethign about i dont have premission in download file. and i can change the option in download file or something like that. what hsould i do to fix this problem!? i heard if i download an older version of it. it will help. but then which older version do i dl?

  18. Hi i tried downloading 1.3 to watch the movie but still it says 403 error, check the downloadable permission…pls help…

  19. oh man!!! it says “The video cannot be reached (403 error) it appears the server is denying access to the file.

  20. [b]A browser crash solution issue with DivX Web Player v 1.5[/b]

    Go to “run”, type in “regedit”. That will open up your windows registry editor. You have to search this:

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]


    change the value to 0 using regedit .

    so it shows :



  21. Hey,just wanna ask, theres so many versions from 3 to 6 which should we actually download to be able to watch movies online?

  22. i am using an XP and i am not a techi person which from this list should i download so i can enjoy watching movies in please help me thanks!

    More versions of DivX

    All Versions of DivX
    DivX 3.11 Alpha (0.7 MB)
    DivX 4.02 (0.7 MB)
    DivX 4.11 (0.8 MB)
    DivX 4.12 (0.8 MB)
    DivX 5.0 (2.6 MB)
    DivX 5.0.1 (2.9 MB)
    DivX 5.0.2 (3.1 MB)
    DivX 5.0.5 (3.8 MB)
    DivX 5.1.1 (5.2 MB)
    DivX 5.2 (Win 98/ME) (7.6 MB)
    DivX 5.2 (Win 2K/XP) (7.7 MB)
    DivX 6.7 (17.3 MB)
    DivX 6.0 (7.4 MB)
    DivX 6.1 (14 MB)
    DivX 6.2 (15 MB)
    DivX 6.2.1 (15 MB)
    DivX 6.2.2 (15 MB)
    DivX 6.2.5 (14 MB)
    DivX 6.3 (14 MB)
    DivX 6.4 (16 MB)
    DivX 6.5 (14 MB)
    DivX 6.5.1 (14 MB)
    DivX (14.3 MB)
    DivX 6.6 (14.5 MB)
    DivX 6.6.1 (21.6 MB)
    DivX 6.6.2 (23.5 MB)
    DivX 6.6.3 (23.1 MB)
    DivX 6.8 (16.6 MB)
    DivX 6.8.2 (16.1 MB)
    DivX 6.8.3 (20.2 MB)
    DivX (20.2 MB)
    DivX 6.8.4 (20.2 MB)

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