AGP Texture acceleration unavailable

I just fixed a strange problem. All of a sudden overlay mode stopped working when I watched movies. I checked my Dxdiag settings (Start>run>dxdiag) and DirectDraw acceleration and AGP texture acceleration was unavailable.

I reinstalled DirectX and the drivers for my Graphics card. To no avail.

Then in a forum I found the solution:

1. Start netmeeting (start menu>run, type conf.exe in the run box and hit enter)

2. Go to tools and enable remote desktop sharing, install with the wizard.

3. After the wizard finishes go to tools again and uncheck remote desktop sharing.

4. Close Netmeeting.

5. Run Dxdiag (start>run type: dxdiag), AGP texture acceleration and DirectDraw acceleration should be available now! πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “AGP Texture acceleration unavailable

  1. A’t40 Reinstall chipset drivers, reinstall graphics card drivers, check dxdiag again, if its still not available do the netmeeting trick again, check device manager for a yellow exclamation mark.

  2. Hi…

    i have a asus radeon 9200se 128mb agp

    when i go into dxdiag it says AGP isn’t avaliable..

    i did you netmeeting trick and tried several ATi Drivers but i can’t get it to work…

    if you have any suggestions, can you please help.


  3. mine acer aspire 4310.i’ve done that netmeeting trick,but my agp texture acceleration still unavailable

  4. It does not work on my Laptop.The problem is I can play great games like Halo, Age of Mythology but when it comes to Max Payne, it says AGP Texture Acceleration required.

    Please help me, or I ‘ll sink!!

  5. when i type confi.exe in the box it just go to netmeeting installer i instal it but the agp thing not available HELP me plzzzz im using XP SP2

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