Console Gaming is Gaining Grounds ! (-Say that ten times fast)

Bill Gates Is happy with his new XBox
I just realized something interesting in my favourite games and hardware forum at

Futuremark, if you haven’t heard it before is well known for it’s computer graphics card benchmark “3DMark”. Furthermore the site contains a very large forum about everything that has to do with computer games, as well as the compulsory off-topic threads. Recently futuremark changed their forum software for a new design and all categories were starting from zero again.

The old posts, thousands and thousands are still passively accessible in the old forum, and everything works as it should. The user system was transfered so the user rank was upheld over the shift.

Now what i realized was a shift in the number of posts in the “console gaming” versus the “PC gaming” category in the forum. If i remember correctly the most visited category, that had most people browsing, had the most threads and the most posts before the forum shift was the “PC Gaming” category.

Today 20:00 CET i Realized this:
You might have to click on the picture to see better, it’s slightly altered graphically by me.

As you can see PC Gaming has 27 viewing, 302 Threads and 4.129 posts.
Console gaming has 38 people viewing, 430 Threads and 6.578 posts!

The tide has turned, Console gaming seems to have about 40% more people viewing ,42% more Threads and 59% more posts! (with PC as baseline 100%). Here You should also take into account that there ought to be a whole lot more people who have PC’s than those who have consoles. Further, Futuremark does not have a console benchmark as far as I know, and consoles are not scalable and upgradable like the PC. Futuremark is after all mostly a benchmarking and optimization forum, at least it has that “twist”.

Is this telling us that consoles are coming on the whole much more strongly now, is it because of the Playstation 3, the Xbox 360, and now the Nintendo wii ?(featured here a few days ago, se this) Or is this just a coincident?

I think a forum as big as futuremark, and as top of the line as futuremark kan tell us which way the wind is blowing. The wind is telling me people want to sit in their comfy couches in front of their 42″ plasmas and shoot the hell out of zombies after work. (both possible interpretations of that grammar work) Or perhaps play cute cuddly japanese kind of games, you know the type that are impossible to find for pc because only sony makes them…

Is this good or bad? Is it anything? Am I completely out in the blue here… Personally I don’t think so. Consoles may very well take over the world. After all, most PC games lately have been booring shooters,FPS:es. Sure, FarCry was beautiful and now comes Crysis, and i wouldn’t want to miss that for the world, but anyway. I think consoles are getting more and more interesting to “old” PC gamers as well. I sure wouldn’t back off if they threw an xbox360 at me (as long as they wouldn’t aim for the head, the big OR the small) I’d catch it and plaaaaaaaaayyyy, why yes I would!



2 thoughts on “Console Gaming is Gaining Grounds ! (-Say that ten times fast)

  1. I think another factor to consider is that consoles come straight out of the box ready to plug in and play. PCs have to meet specific requirments and the average game player may not know if his computer meets those, let alone how to upgrade the components.

    Also, the controllers for consoles are much “cooler”, to a young kid, than the simplistic mouse and directional keys of a keyboard.

  2. Very true Mander, I agree to those factors. I know windows vista has considered using the same, put in the cd and play-approach. But as you said, the no hassle action with consoles maybe really is attracting people.

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