Blogger Boosts Visitor Rate?

I Installed Statcounter, a nice little program that keeps track of visists to a website, and i was complete blown away by the amount of visits the first day of this blog. The second day was pretty good as well, but then something happened and everyone went somewhere else, it seems.

Now One wonders… Does intentionally “promote” a new blog in the system, causing many hits, or is this just a strange fluke?

Short post this, Just a thought i wanted to add. Oh, by the way, I’m testing a new template. Tell me if it’s better or worse, and you can win a lollypop!


2 thoughts on “Blogger Boosts Visitor Rate?

  1. republish your blog everyday and more people will visit it.

    Play with the titles of your posts and you will find it fascianting what attracts people.

    Just passing through!

    Happy Blogging!

    Lil Sparrrow

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