The comparing mind

Why do we get car sick? Why does milk taste like sh*t if we think it’s orange juice we’re about to drink? What is the brain doing to us and why?We know that motion sickness is invoked because of conflicting signals between different senses. For example balance and vision. Further a comparison is made with the neural storage, containing all recent movement signals made by the brain. A check of this storage is also made if we feel a movement. -Was this movement really an instruction by the brain? This comparison and checking is made by structures in the cerebellum in the back of our heads.

Normally, or to say evolutionally, if a conflict existed between our senses, some sense must had been affected, perhaps poisoned by something we ate. A bad mushroom or old berries for example. The solution is to feel sick, and get rid of the poison.

This is why we get car-sick. The balance organs, tell the mind that we are moving, but if we say read a book in the car our vision tells the mind we are not moving. -Oh, we must have been poisoned, the mind thinks, and decides to tell the obeying body to puke.

Now a few days ago i drank a glass of juice, and had it beside me. I got up, for some reason, and came back with a glass of
Orange soda. After a while i took the soda glass and drank it. It tasted awful! -Why? -It wasn’t orange soda, it was orange juice! So why did it taste so bad, that i wanted to spit it out?

Well the neural storage probably had information that i recently drank orange soda, and had a record of what that is supposed to taste like. The orange jucie was not as sweet, and it wasn’t carbonated. The comparator produced a mismatch, with the “yuk” result. Normally i like orange juice 😉

I suppose many of you have had similar experiences. Share them, comment! 🙂


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