Hit me baby 16.4 Million times!

Not many people know what cognititive science is, but a Google search comes up with 16.4 million pages. “mind” comes up with 649 million hits, and “psychology” 276 million. Here is a short insight into what makes us cognitive science people tick…

So, what is cognitive science?
Answers.com says:

“The study of the nature of various mental tasks and the processes that enable them to be performed.”

Yup, that pretty much nails it down, however that image is very restricted. Cognitive science is about everything human, our mind, our brain, our interaction with the environment, with other people. Basically it studies what makes us human, how our intelligence works.

So why is it so damn groovy? All situations where humans interact with something, a machine, a house, a computer software, a web page, can be understood and made to work better by understanding cognitive science. It helps us answer questions about simulation, about artificial intelligence, about our mind, and our consciousness. Seen “The Matrix?” That’s cognitive science in a nutshell. “What is real, how do You define real? If You define real as something You can see or feel, then that is only electrical impulses interpreted by your brain” , Freely after Morpheus, Matrix 1999

Well this is rambling, but still 16,4 million hits. It kinda amazed me. That’s just about the same amount of colors a 32bit depth can present our dear cones with. (cones are the receptors in our eyes that are affected by color, without them we would just have rods, that are colorblind) or colour, if you will 😉 – That’s cognitive science too.

What is a colour? What is the mind? What is a question?

This blog will feature all these things, and we hope You will come back to learn more, and “marvel at the glory”. Just remember Viewofmind.blogspot.com, if you don’t, bookmark it! You don’t want to miss this!Stay tuned for a fully featured article about our mind!


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