Win7 – Philips Toucam Windows 7 Driver fix – Problem solved!

I had problems using my old Philips TouCam Pro with Win7 since Philips does not offer any drivers for it. I read somewhere that you could hack some drivers but that sounded so complicated.

Here is a driver that works with the TouCam in Win7 (at least 32-bit) right out of the box. Just do like this:

1. Download the driver package (click the drive icon under Téléchargement, which is french for download)

2. Unzip the files to a folder of your choice

3. Plug in your toucam, cancel the automatic driver installation window that pops up.

4. Open the Windows 7 Control panel, in the search field there, type ” device ” to find the device manager, open it.

5. Find your unrecognized device in the list, right-click on it and choose “update driver software”, “browse my computer for software” and browse to your folder where you unzipped the files. Click next, ignore the warning and the driver installs.


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31 thoughts on “Win7 – Philips Toucam Windows 7 Driver fix – Problem solved!

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  2. it dosnt work…. it says windows could not find compatible driver in the folder. windows needs 64 bit driver.. :(

  3. Yes, this is for 32 bit only. Windows 64 needs completely different drivers: re-written from Win32 (no Win32 drivers can be used in Win64).

  4. it doesn’t work, my laptop pc is a 74 using win 7… i tried several things…the pc doesn’t see the drivers in th folder…

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  6. For useage on 64bit win7 Touchcam Pro

    When manual select ALL DEVICES manual and select from extracted map
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Philips\Philips SPC900NC PC Camera

    If you select video/cam it will not find your device so select ALL devices. And this will work perfect with your Philips Touchcam Pro under 64bit Win7.

    The Touchcam Pro will be device listed as Philips SPC 900NC PC Camera, but will work as intended on 64bit. Skype/Windows Live messenger.

  7. A2I you are right… but you need to do some editing before updating the drivers!

    Procedure for Win 7 x64:

    1 – Download the Windows 7 drivers for your Philips Webcam SPC900NC VGA CCD with Pixel Plus and install them.

    2 – In C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Philips \ Philips SPC900NC PC Camera edit files with Notepad:

    To view the line number, select the notepad menu – View – Status Bar, Word Wrap to be disabled if necessary.

    In Camvid40.inf:
    Line 66 should be replaced with:
    % USBVid.DeviceDesc% = USBVidx86, USB \ VID_0471 & PID_0311 & MI_00 [/ code]

    Line 69 should be replaced with:
    % USBVid.DeviceDesc% = USBVidXp64, USB \ VID_0471 & PID_0311 & MI_00 [/ code]

    Line 72 should be replaced with:
    % USBVid.DeviceDesc% = USBVidVista64, USB \ VID_0471 & PID _0311 & MI_00 [/ code]

    Edit the file with Notepad SPC900.txt

    replace line # 2 with:
    USB \ VID_0471 & PID_0311 & MI_00 [/ code]

    Save and close. (If You Can not save copy the files to another location, edit them and then copy Them back and select “Copy and Replace”

    In device manager there should be an unknown device with exclamation mark.
    Update driver and select the path: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Philips \ Philips SPC900NC PC Camera driver will be installed ..

    That’s it!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!

  8. I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love
    this site. Thanks, Ill try and check back more frequently.
    How frequently you update your web site?

  9. mi sistema operativo es windows 8 y mi camara USB Web ES PVC820K, PCVC830K Y me dice esta danado un arcchivo en el Cd. como hago para solucionar mi problema y poder instalar mi camara

  10. Try to replace PID_0311 by PID_0310 in the explanation of kapyxxx. After doing so, my philips camera pcvc830k/30 started working on Windows 7 64 bit.

  11. Hi all.
    Did everything that kapyxxx said.
    I use windows 7, 64bit with Philips toUcam Pro II pcvc840k

  12. And ofcourse; still not working. Same message as Phil and Bash: Drivers not found.

    Anyone an idea?

  13. It’s PID 0313 for toucam 720k (PCVC720k/40), so you should update the following lines in these files for windows 7 64:

    On lines 66, 69 and 72 of the file C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Philips \ Philips SPC900NC PC Camera \ Camvid40.inf replace the number after the PID_ with 0313, so that it is like this: PID_0313

    Replace the number after “PID_” on line 2 of SPC900.txt with 0313, so it’s PID_0313

    Plug in your cam, open Control panel > Device Manager and update the driver using the Philips SPC900NC Pc Camera folder.

  14. Jeebus Christ. Finally made it work after almost an hour. I would have refrained from posting (Necro), but I had the very same problem today. Thanks a lot! And it’s really funny to see how many people have the same exact problem, almost at the same exact moment now (June 10th) with a webcam they like that’s 10+ years old.

  15. Hello, same problem PCVC820K/00 and I have 64bit win7::: usb cam driver not found… 10+ years old cam :D

  16. Thank you.
    It seems working fine for me with my Philips Toucam Fun pcvc 730 and Windows 7-32bits.

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